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The ancestral home of John's family, on a Heritage Tour we search to find your living relatives, with a 90 % success rate !

With our advanced research John's relatives were waiting for his arrival, with many old pictures and stories.

The wonderful Ceske Krumlov, in southern Bohemia.

Heritage Tours staged another folk program with over 35 people from one village in South Bohemia performing. They out numbered our small group of 17 people by over 2 to one ! These are some on the ladies singing village folk songs for us.

Next was the capping ceremony" where the bride exchanges her headpiece for the wedding headpiece.

Part of a traditional wedding dance, all about pivo (beer).

Some of the ladies wore historic kroj ( folk dress ) made of fish scales ( the vest ) these are very rarely seen outside of museums. ( the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids Iowa, have one of these historic kroj in their collection )

Just one of the small back roads traveled by Heritage Tours.

These two young ladies entertained us with Bohemian bagpipe music, at a stop to see a local folk artist.

Another Heritage Tour find, a historic village cemetery.

The only one surrounded by a wall of saints in central Europe, it dates back over 600 years.

The statue of St. John of Nepomuk ( the protector of bridges ) on the oldest stone bridge in Central Europe built about 1330 in Pisek.

The main square in Plzen, west Bohemia.

Another birthday celebrated on the tour.

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