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Celebrating our 11th Year

2001 Tour Photo Gallery I I

South Bohemia, Blata area (So. of Tabor and No. of Ceske Budejovice) VERY RARE old kroj, decorated with hundered's of fish scales, on the vests - cut and trimmed and all sewn by hand. These vests were 150 years old, and are exceptionally uncommon. ( I have seen these two and one other in over 15 years)
  Traditional Village Dance
Czech bee's wax drop pull style eggs. Multiple wax design (mostly Moravia & Slovak)

Moravian Scratch Style hand decorated eggs.

The Green egg is a very rare Slovak colored thread design, brown one is wrapped in wire and the other two are Slovak
These Czech straw design eggs are truly glorious to behold. Traditional wax dyeing design
(these are from a folk artist in South Bohemia)

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