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Celebrating our 11th Year

2001 Tour Photo Gallery I

Western Slovakia - Piestany folk wedding.

(yellow and powder blue are strong colors in the area)


South Bohemia - Blata area (south of Tabor and north of Ceske Budejovice)

Wonderful old kroj, decorated with thousands of very small colored seed beads.

Central Bohemia Prague Area

Pale colors, rich fabrics, and elegance are traditional in this area.

These are traditional costumes to be work on December 6th, From right to left The Devil, the Angel, and Saint Mikulas General Bohemia This is a new dance kroj. Its' muted colors and classic look are highly regarded. Definetely no "rickrack".
  East Bohemia - Letohrad, beautiful old kroj. Hat and vest decorated with gold wire and garnets. My mother in her pride and joy, photo taken on location.
Traditional Christmas Cookie Trees These are made totally of cookies.
Examples of Traditional Mosopust Costumes  
South Moravia - Straznice, authentic married ladies kroj. Lots of white is traditional in this area.


2002 Tour Photo Gallery II

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