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1999 Tour Gallery

Lady in folk costume from Kyjov region of Central Moravia, CZ. In the parade during the largest folk festival in both Countries, "Straznice." Man on horse, at Ceske Krumlov, South Bohemia, CZ. During the annual "Festival of the five petal rose" medieval renaissance festival and fair.
Local people on stage in folk dress at the Helpa folk festival. East central Slvakia. Marisa Schleis the 1998-1999 Miss Czech/Slovak USA, at a folk festival of the Hana region North Central Moravia, CZ.
Folk dance couple from a group in Chrudim East Bohemia, CZ. Little girl in folk dress, at the Straznice folk festival, South East Moravia, CZ.
Local folk artist hand, painting a piece of traditional pottery in Central Moravia, CZ. Small store selling the traditional folk pottery of the "Domazlice" region of South West Bohemia, CZ.
Display of a local folk artist from the Chrudim area of East Bohemia, CZ. Mike Cwach from South Dakota trying his hand at egg decorating. At a folk artist's cottage in South Bohemia, CZ. Who makes the local "Dough" folk figures, and eggs. Also note the home made "Kolac" on the table !
Typical meal during the tour, this one is chicken breast stuffed with peaches, in Slovakia. Typical Czech meal, rolled stuffed pork roast, served with some great dark Bohemian beer.
River rafting along the Dunajec river which forms the boarder between Poland and Slovakia. Our guide is wearing the local folk vest from this area of North Central, Slovakia. Local musicians, from Western Bohemia, CZ. The center one is playing a " Duda" a traditional Bohemian bagpipe.

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