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The "Kolac" seller, a folk artist makes these cute figures, with wooden shoes. In South Bohemia, CZ. In May a field of blooming canola flowers. Somewhere in the Czech Republic.
Bringing us a feast of homemade East Bohemian festive Kolac, CZ. Lady who made fresh butter for us in South Bohemia, CZ.
Entertainers at the Ceske Krumlov renaissance festival South Bohemia, CZ. Slovak man wearing a folk costume from the Detva area of Central Slovakia, holding a "Fujara" a long wooden traditional shepherds pipe from the area.
Couple from a East Bohemian, CZ. folk dance group. Locals in Hana area folk costumes, at a festival in North Central Moravia, CZ.
A local, wearing flowers in her hair. An old signal of a single girl, at the Straznice folk festival, CZ. An unmarried Slovak girl in folk costume, at a festival.
Local lady who showed us her wooden village church, 100's of years old, filled with Icons. In the Bardejov area of North East Slovakia. Some of the icons that filled the old village church near Bardejov, Slovakia.
Old wooden folk panted furniture, from Central Bohemia, CZ. Folk panted cubard, from South Bohemia, CZ.

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