Czech and Slovak Heritage

Czech and Slovak heritage, folklore, genealogy, travel, and history

Unique photo’s taken in the Czech and Slovak Republics

Heritage, Folklore

    · Folk costumes, traditional outfits from our ancestors time
    · Our Heritage where to find out more, Museums, Library's and groups.
    · Sokol, a organization steeped in tradition

Customs, holidays and their folk traditions:

    * Full listing of official holidays and events for the whole calendar year.
    * Traditional customs, and events surrounding holidays.
    * The tradition of name days, why they are important, and a full listing.

Genealogy / family history

    · Just getting started, your first 11 steps and beginners advice
    · Detailed family history information
    · Learn & share by joining the worlds largest Czech & Slovak Genealogical Society

Travel and visiting these wonderful places

    · Good travel advice
    · Maps, tickets to events, etc - great sites are found in our links section
    · Some terrific group tours, and independent travel programs
    . Czech Castles with full information and graphics, ideal to highlight your visit. [ CZECHCASTLES.COM ]

History Timeline

    · A historical timeline of this part of the world

While here visit the below sections of further interest

Detailed information about my Independent travel and small group tours

Our links section: Czech Links and Slovak Links Where you can find lots more information.

Two organizations I am very involved in:
CzechoSlovak Genealogical Society International (CGSI)
The Worlds largest organization of people researching and learning about their Czech and Slovak family history and heritage.

Czech and Slovak Sokol Minnesota, SOKOL MN.
fostering and furthering the Czech and Slovak heritage in the upper Midwest since 1887.

Welcome to my passion of “Everything Czech and Slovak.”

I have spent a lot of energy collecting this information on heritage, customs, genealogy, history, and folklore. I have a lot of knowledge in these area’s, having Founded the “CzechoSlovak Genealogical Society International (CGSI) in 1987. Which today has grown into the worlds largest society of people researching their roots in the current day Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. With over 3000 members, living in all 50 U.S. states, Canada and a number of other countries. I served as the society's first president, for almost 10 years. Then as a member of the Board of Directors of the Society for another 6 years. I am currently on a number of different committees, and still am quite involved. ( so that's over 20 years of involvement, experience and a ton of volunteered time and energy - gladly given )  

I started my travels to the then CzechoSlovakia in 1980, and have since returned over 90 times traveling extensively
in both counties. In both Slovakia and the Czech Republic I have attended many dozens of folk festivals, and met many unique and different folk artists. I have helped MANY people find their family history, living relatives, and walked the land of their ancestors. As I have done myself many times for my own family history. I have personally done research in villages, towns and archives, and have three lines of my own family genealogy back into the 1500’s
(late 1480’s)

I hope you enjoy my labor of love, and consider joining me on an exploration tour of a wonderful heritage, folklore, and history in the heart of Europe that I know very well.

I welcome any suggestions on Czech or Slovak genealogy, heritage, customs, folklore or folk dress, travel or history to this site.

Editing and content assistance volunteered by friends :  Leora Zahorik, Louise Wessinger, Olga Rychilikova, Ramon Chvojka, Mike Wilson, Jitka Bonusova, and Paulette Will.  Thank you everyone for your love of our heritage !

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